People who are looking to build a new home can turn to virtually countless numbers of magazines and books for information. Homes & Land Magazine has made it its mission to make sure people have access to the best advice on how they can be better informed when shopping around for the best possible deal. The following guide will help people understand what they should know before proceeding with plans to build a custom home. This is not meant as an official guide, but more as an overview of many aspects that could affect whether or not someone is ready to go forward with building their own home.

Creative Financing Options

One of the first things most people need to consider before turning over money for construction-related fees is the kind of financing options they have. There are many different loans, programs, and financial agencies that may offer assistance with construction costs on certain terms. Asking for advice from professionals in the homebuilding industry can help people better understand their options before they proceed any further into the process.

Challenges of Building

While some people may be excited about building a custom home to suit their unique needs and desires, it is important to remember that there will probably be some challenges along the way. One issue could be delays depending on how long it takes until contractors and workers arrive at the site and complete job tasks. Another consideration could be changed in design if someone wants to make adjustments or find ways to improve elements of what was built already. These types of changes could come with budget impacts as well, such as additional costs for materials and labor.

Purchasing Land

Finding a proper piece of land to build on is another important step that can’t be overlooked if someone wants their new home to suit specific needs and desires. It’s not easy finding exactly what people want in terms of size and location, which can be time-consuming and frustrating at times. Keeping this in mind before making the decision to buy property will help avoid any potential issues later on when it comes time to start building or moving into the home they’ve envisioned.

Finance Challenges

Once construction begins, most banks will require buyers to pre-pay interest upfront for all loan-related fees according to Monthly Mortgage News. This could become problematic if buyers are unable to access the funds they need at the time or during the project period. Considering this will help people avoid any unnecessary hassles when it comes to starting work on their dream home.


When construction begins, most building projects take an average of up to 120 days before completion according to Homewyse, which means owners need to be prepared for the possibility that things may not go as planned. Delays can cause frustration and turn into costly problems that extend timelines even further. Being flexible with schedules is important because unforeseen circumstances are likely to delay job progress at some point throughout the construction. Any alterations in the timeline should also be considered before beginning work so people don’t spend more than they plan for in terms of construction costs.

Marketing Plans 

Another important factor for people to consider is the marketing plan being used by their real estate agent to sell the property they have built. For example, a home that has been custom designed and built with unique features could attract more buyers who want an upscale residence in a specific area where homes are more expensive. Suggesting this option may help people avoid having to go back on the market multiple times before selling their property because it will make it easier to find qualified buyers after completion of construction.

Obtaining Financing

Considering financing options before starting work on building or buying new real estate will help buyers understand what kind of financial commitments they need to make depending on how long construction takes. Asking questions such as the total cost of borrowing and monthly payments will help buyers make informed decisions about how much they can afford to borrow.


Anyone involved in the construction process, from general contractors to subcontractors and workers, must be properly licensed according to state regulations that exist in most areas. It is important for people to keep these rules and laws in mind when working with others on a building project because it could open them up to legal liabilities if anyone gets hurt on site down the road. Speaking with professionals before getting started will help potential homebuilders understand how licensing affects what they do on any given project.

Completion certificates

Once work is completed satisfactorily by all parties involved, they should ask their general contractor or real estate agent to help with the inspection process so all necessary paperwork gets completed on time. This will help buyers avoid any potential problems later on when they want to apply for a mortgage or put their new property back on the market for resale.

The building process is one of the most important parts of owning real estate, making it an essential factor that people need to think about before starting construction or buying property. Maintaining patience throughout this period will allow individuals to better handle any challenges that come up along the way and make informed decisions about how to proceed if things don’t go as planned.

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