A custom home is a complex project that is most successfully completed with thorough planning before the first shovel of dirt flies. You will have so many design decisions to make that is can easily make your head spin. That’s where a really great custom builder comes to the rescue. They should break down the decision-making process into manageable steps so that you can easily create the home you desire without breaking a sweat.

Design decisions span the gamut beginning with your desired architectural style, floor plan, and absolute must-haves and ending with the hundreds of finish selections like flooring, countertops, tile, and paint.

This post also outlines which design decisions will give you the most “bang for your buck,” as well as which high-impact spaces to focus on. Near the end of the post we provide some budgeting tips and also links to places where you can get design ideas and inspiration. We’ve got an all-in-one design decisions post today!

What Design Decisions Come First?

Your first decisions will have to do with the vision you have for your custom home. Your custom builder can help you pinpoint which architectural styles you like, and which stylistic elements will fit well into your neighborhood. They will also help you build a preliminary idea of a floor plan that will best fit your family’s needs and lifestyle.

During this brainstorming phase with your custom builder, you’ll also want to note your must-haves as well as your wish-list items. If you found anything during your sojourn with design journals/magazines/websites that you simply must have in your new home, now is the time to make it so. Locking down the must-haves early gives you the best chance of achieving them.

Next, your custom builder will help connect you with the perfect architect and interior designer to round out your dream team. Together, you’ll bring your vision to life.

What Design Decisions Come Next?

In order for your home to get through your neighborhood’s HOA approval process, you will have to nail down the materials and color palette that will be used on the exterior of your home. This includes dozens of selections, including obvious ones like the stone/brick/siding/stucco and roof material to less obvious ones like gutter selection and soffit paint color.

As with all steps of the process, your trusty builder will help guide these decisions with you and the rest of your design team.


Are You Planning on Building a Custom Home?

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